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“It was in 1985 when I first heard of Dr. Jervis. At the time he was known as “the regional cosmetic breast expert.” Several years later and after the birth of my daughter, I NEEDED an augmentation. So naturally (and filled with curiosity) I had to go to this renowned breast augmentation wizard.

On the day of my appt I was nervous. What was I to expect? What would he ask? How bad were my saggy boobs? Could they ever be “normal”? When I walked into Dr. Jervis’s office I was met with a soothing calming serene environment. Poking from behind a beautiful stained glass partition his receptionist greeted me with a warm comforting smile. I felt welcomed.

Now, in the exam room with the good Dr. I soon realized I was in the company of a highly skilled, knowledgeable, informative medical professional. Whose first priority was …me! He proceeded to ask me precise questions while always maintaining an exemplary bedside manner. Upon the conclusion of our visit, Dr. Jervis suggested I research “other” plastic surgeons and obtain several opinions.

Needless to say there was no need to waste time researching the “others”. I knew I had the BEST doctor ….my doctor. Dr. William Jervis.

Today, Dr. Jervis is still my go-to guy. He’s always there to let me know I’m “still too young for this” or “you don’t need that”….The only difference now is I no longer refer him as the “augment doctor!, I call him the “best doctor! I call him my doctor….Dr. J”

– Sincerely, Sharon D.T.

“Dr. Jervis & Staff,

You guys made my visit there so comfortable. Each and every one of you are very dedicated and professional. I’m enjoying my new ‘look’!”

Thank you so much, words can’t express how I feel inside!”

“Dr. Jervis,

Neither a card nor a gift can ever let you know how much you have made me so grateful for what you did for me. When I decided to have this surgery, I was very scared but also excited at the same time! I did a lot of research on everything and that is how I came to your office! I heard nothing but great things about your experience and knowledge when it came to being a plastic surgeon! I was very pleased and at ease from my very first visit with you! You not only made me feel very comfortable but I felt a sense of heartfelt understanding on what I was feeling on my end. My great concern was more the surgery aspect of the procedure but now realize that it was the aftermath that was the hard part! I was so afraid of being put under anesthesia and the complications of something going wrong from that, and looking back I don’t even remember being put to sleep! I know I am going thru stages of my breasts changing after the surgery but I still think they are beautiful even at this stage.”

I went into the bathroom one day and I glanced in the mirror and came out crying. Chris asked me what was wrong and I told him, “I’ve never seen my breasts look so good..” He started to cry with me and said that he was happy I was crying with joy than sadness like I use to when I would look at my breasts. Dr. Jervis, you have made me feel like a whole woman and very beautiful inside and out and nothing in this world can ever describe what you have given me from being the person whom you are today! I am only one person and I know you have many patients, but for everyone who walks out of your office feeling this very same way, then you should know that you have forever made a difference in that person’s life in the most positive way. Thank you again for all you have done for me!”

“Dr. Jervis,

When I look in the mirror now at the new me, I still can’t believe it! There are not many doctors that could have made me feel so relaxed and comfortable about the surgery as you have. Thanks again for your encouragement, support, skill and sense of humor! I really am jumping for joy!! Thanks so much!”

“Dr. Jervis,

Thank you for making me feel pretty! I truly appreciate your time, expertise and artistic talent. Your gift of ‘mini repairs’ means so much to me-but most of all, your care and concern.”

“Dear Dr. Jervis,

I want to thank you again for my body! I really didn’t realize how good it looked! I knew it was much better, I was also feeling better. But when I saw our pictures from Mexico, WOW!! I am even happier and wanted to not only tell you but show you (photos enclosed).”

– Thanks again, Love S.

“Dear Dr. Jervis,

I wanted to send you a note to thank you for the precise job you did on my breast augmentation. I have been telling everyone what a great job you did. I have received many nice (and some dirty but nice) compliments which makes me feel good after all I went through to get them. I can’t get over the fact of exactly how many cc’s you knew to use for them to come out perfectly even and the perfect size! It boggles my mind. How outstanding your work is and your patients are a testimony to that. I have to admit though, I was not emotionally prepared in the beginning for all that I was about to go through (it didn’t help with the stress of the wedding). I hated my boobs and didn’t like you too much for the first month or so!! LOL It was probably one of the toughest times of my life. But its all behind me and I love my boobies and I show them off on a regular basis! ha, ha

Thank you!

P.S. They fit perfectly in my wedding dress!”

“Dr. Jervis,

Thank you for an excellent boob job! They are perfect! I am so thrilled and absolutely happy to have something to put in a bra! In fact, going to Victoria Secrets today and buying 6 new bras (2 of them D cups!) was a dream come true! You and your staff have been wonderful, encouraging, positive and very complimentary of your professional skills. I felt I was in above excellent care the whole time.

Thank you, thank you!”

“Dr. Jervis,

I wanted to thank you for your care and follow up after my surgery. You really went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that I was well cared for and stable enough to return home to my husbands care.

Thank you!”

“Dear Dr. Jervis,

Once again, you have my deepest gratitude. Your understanding means so much to me. You can’t ever retire as no one could ever replace your artistic talent, skill and TLC. You’re the best!”

“Dr. William,

Daniel and I have known you for 20 years now. I must say that you are by far the most kind and generous doctor we know. I really appreciate all you have done for me! Thank you very much always.”

“Thank you for your care and concern. The frequent phone calls assured me I was never alone. Driving to the office the morning of the 7th, I was scared to death. But once I got to the office, the staff made me feel everything was going to be alright. And it was. Dr. Jervis, when you called me from Las Vegas to check on me, I thought ‘Wow, he’s one of a kind!’. Thanks so much. You’re all so very special!”

“Dr. Jervis & Staff,

I just wanted to take this time to say thank you for all your wonderful care I received from you and your staff. Having surgery can be a traumatic decision for the patient, however, your professionalism and expertise demonstrated by you and your staff made my decision easy and very comfortable. I appreciated the wonderful care I once again received in your office. Thanks so much!”

“Dr. Jervis,

Thank you for the excellent work you did on my liposuction procedure. Other than some residual swelling, I haven’t felt this lean in years. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

To our Patients

On 3/13/18 Dr. Jervis passed away. The family is working to transition the practice and resolve outstanding issues for all his beloved patients. Thank you, the Jervis family.

If you need you records transferred, please print and mail or hand-deliver the
Records Release Form (Click or Touch to Download).