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Sculpt your chest with Gynecomastia surgery – Breast Reduction for Men

True Gynecomastia is real breast tissue in a man that sometimes just occurs, but frequently due to the use of androgenic steroids. It is treated by the surgical excision of the breast tissue, which usually is deep due to the areola. Pseudogynecomastia is overgrowth of mammary fat covering the pectoralis major muscle and is best treated by liposuction, and more effectively yet with laser liposuction which enhances skin shrinkage.

True Gynecomastia and Pseudogynecomastia can co-exist. Consequently, the patient needs to be advised that it may be necessary to do an open excision of any remaining firm nodular tissue after completion of the liposuction of the fat, as the true gynecomastia may not be obvious until the fat has been removed.

Enlarged breasts in men is no laughing matter. Gynecomastia can cause embarrassment, emotional & physical discomfort & reduce your self confidence. There are men who have gone their entire lives without proper social adjustment & intimacy, from fear of removing their shirts in public or in front of loved ones.

Gynecomastia can even be physically painful.

Gynecomastia is common in men of any age, it can be the result of hormonal changes, heredity conditions, disease or the use of certain drugs.

At your consultation with Dr. Jervis, he’ll determine if you have true gynecomastia, pseudo gynecomastia or a combination.

Male breast reduction surgery can help men feel better about their appearance by creating a more masculine chest contour. If excess glandular tissue is the cause of gynecomastia, this tissue will be removed via an incision. This procedure can be done in conjunction with liposuction to remove excess fatty tissue.

LifeSculpt liposuction is used to extract excess amounts of fatty breast tissue. Many men will undergo other liposuction treatments at the same time. Stubborn love handles, abdomen and chin/neck area.

Gynecomastia surgery is commonly done under local anesthetia & takes about 2 hours. The complete recovery time from gynecomastia surgery is about four to six weeks. Your improved body will likely enhance your self-image and confidence whether in a shirt or shirtless.

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To our Patients

On 3/13/18 Dr. Jervis passed away. The family is working to transition the practice and resolve outstanding issues for all his beloved patients. Thank you, the Jervis family.

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