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Most of us wouldn’t deny that factors such as sun exposure, stress, and the natural aging process have a negative effect on the skin. Over time, these factors lead to wrinkles and deep creases that can make a person appear noticeably older than they feel. To correct these imperfections and restore a more youthful look to the face, many individuals undergo an invasive facelift procedure. However, with the effectiveness of injectables and fillers, people can now get significant improvement without having surgery. At our Walnut Creek practice, we offer a wide array of injectables and fillers to give patients a facial appearance that they can feel confident about.


BOTOX Cosmetic®

This FDA-approved injectable works to temporarily weaken selective facial muscles and provide individuals with smoother and less wrinkled skin. BOTOX® Cosmetic is most commonly used to treat:

  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Crow’s feet
  • Creases between the eyes


JUVÉDERM® Ultra and Restylane®

These FDA-approved fillers are composed of a hyaluronic acid gel, which is a substance that is naturally found in the body. JUVÉDERM® Ultra and Restylane® fill in creases and provide volume to areas of the face that have lost fullness, including:

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Corners of the mouth
  • Cheeks
  • Jawline


BELOTERO® is a thinner hyaluronic acid filler and one of the few fillers that can be injected into the dermis of the skin rather than under the skin to improve fine wrinkles.


Like JUVÉDERM® and Perlane®, this FDA-approved filler adds volume to the face. However, RADIESSE® is made of calcium hydroxyapatite spheres instead of hyaluronic acid, which enables this filler to have a more lasting effect.


JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC is a denser form of hyaluronic acid that, after clinical trials, has been FDA approved for midface and cheekbone enhancement. Like RADIESSE®, it is injected more deeply and is longer lasting, sometimes lasting up to two years.

Whether you wish to dramatically reduce the signs of aging on your face or simply want add a subtle improvement to your appearance, Dr. William Jervis can help. Feel free to contact our Bay Area practice by calling (925) 937-7100 or fill out our online consultation form today. Dr. Jervis is a board-certified plastic surgeon and has many years of experience using injectables and fillers.

To our Patients

On 3/13/18 Dr. Jervis passed away. The family is working to transition the practice and resolve outstanding issues for all his beloved patients. Thank you, the Jervis family.

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