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When Small Breasts Are a Good Thing

Women have unique figures, and the curves and shapes of their bodies help define who they are. The breasts can be a focal point, and the desire has generally been for the breasts to be large, round, and symmetrical. Since this is the standard often set for women, it isn’t surprising that breast augmentation has […]

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Do I Need to “Suck It Out” or “Tuck It in”?

Some people may look down at their abdomen and notice their midsection is “pooched out.” Whether caused by weight gain, aging, or pregnancy, a larger than average midsection is unflattering and unattractive on the body. Many people try to battle the bulge with a strict diet and rigorous exercise regimen to no avail. They feel […]

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Correct Stretched or Damaged Earlobes

Someone who has stretched, damaged, or torn earlobes may not be confident about how they look and may find it difficult to wear earrings. The earlobes can be rejuvenated through earlobe repair surgery. Many people feel their damaged earlobes negatively affect their career and ability to advance in the workforce. The goal of earlobe repair […]

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The Procedure Women Are Not Talking About

Many women struggle with areas of their body they are unhappy with and often seek out plastic surgery to achieve the body they want. Among one of the most popular procedures is breast augmentation. Breast surgery has been around for years and continues to stay one of the most talked about plastic surgeries in the […]

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Eliminate Fat Without Going Under the Knife!

Diet and exercise are the best ways to naturally eliminate excess fat; however, people often find that they have stubborn fat that won’t go away with traditional weight-loss methods. The majority of men and women who have fatty tissue that is unresponsive to a healthy lifestyle think about steering towards surgeries such as liposuction. However, […]

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To our Patients

On 3/13/18 Dr. Jervis passed away. The family is working to transition the practice and resolve outstanding issues for all his beloved patients. Thank you, the Jervis family.

If you need you records transferred, please print and mail or hand-deliver the
Records Release Form (Click or Touch to Download).