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Close up of face and heavy earrings on girlEarlobe damage can happen for many reasons. Wearing large, heavy earrings and plugging your earlobes is a personalized fashion statement that has grown significantly in popularity over the recent years. And while many consider the look “cool” and “individualistic” at the beginning, not everyone is pleased with the result of sagging and stretched earlobes. But luckily, while this damage is difficult to hide, it is easy to repair.

Reasons for Stretched Earlobes

Wearing Heavy Earrings

Large, statement-making earrings are a must for many women. They are an easy way to transform your look and bring attention to your face. However, after years of the constant weight being placed on a thin piece of skin and fat, stretching of the skin transforms the piercing from a circle to an oval shape.


A common reason for earlobe repair is “plugging” or “gauging.” This has become increasingly popular with members of all generations interested in the alternative look of a plug. However, while the look may be considered “in” and “cool” when you are young, it may not be appropriate for you when you start your career. Several career fields and companies, such as law enforcement, prohibit these and will require that they are removed before being able to work. Small gauges (under 10mm) may close with time; however, anything larger than that will need surgical correction. Also, if you try to stretch your earlobes too fast, they are likely to rupture.


Wearing earrings of any size or weight can potentially lead to damage. Whether it is catching the earring on a piece of clothing or having children pull at them, there is always a risk of the earlobe tearing. This can be both painful and unsightly.

How Can Damaged Earlobes Be Fixed?

In performing earlobe repair, your surgeon will trim away the skin lining to “refresh” the area before stitching the edges back together. This is an outpatient procedure completed in only 30 minutes. Your ears can then be re-pierced two to six months after your surgery.

To our Patients

On 3/13/18 Dr. Jervis passed away. The family is working to transition the practice and resolve outstanding issues for all his beloved patients. Thank you, the Jervis family.

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