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In the eyes of many, the most attractive aspect of a great body is the appearance of six-pack abs. However, achieving well-defined abdominals often requires a significant amount of dedication to both diet and exercise. Even after following the most strict diet and exercise regimens, many people are still with left with fat on their stomach and a midsection they’re unsatisfied with. Fortunately, cosmetic surgery can be performed to give these individuals the flat and toned abdomen they want when diet and exercise have failed to do so.

At our practice, we have various forms of liposculpture to give men and women the well-defined abdominals that they desire. The fat removal procedures we offer include liposuction, laser LifeSculpt™, and Coolsculpting®.

Liposuction (Minimally Invasive)

Liposuction is the most traditional method for removing fat deposits from the abdominal area. A special suctioning device called a cannula (thin hollow tube) is inserted underneath the the skin where it is motioned back and forth to separate fat cells from the body’s tissue. A vacuum is then used to permanently remove the fat cells from the body. This First Gen liposuction limits the extracted volume to avoid waviness as there is no enhanced skin tightening other than the client’s skin elasticity.

Laser LifeSculpt™ (Minimally Invasive)

Laser LifeSculpt™ is a body contouring procedure that utilizes a laser probe before the suction cannula that removes fat tissue from the body. an innovative laser in addition to a cannula to safely and effectively remove fat tissue from the body. Once an incision is made in a specific area of the midsection, the LifeSculpt™ laser is used to liquefy fat cells as a second laser simultaneously programs the fibrous tissue to contract, which tightens the skin over a period of several months. After the desired amount of fat has been dissolved, a cannula is used to permanently suction out the fat cells.

Coolsculpting® (Non-Invasive)

Coolsculpting® also shapes the body by eliminating fat, but unlike Laser LifeSculpt™ and liposuction, this method of fat reduction does not require incisions. Using a state-of-the-art cooling system, Coolsculpting® targets fat cells beneath the skin, literally freezing and disposing of them through the body’s natural metabolic process over a period of several months. No anesthesia is needed and there is no downtime or recovery.

The presence of excess fat on the stomach can be frustrating and, at times, downright embarrassing. Although diet and workout routines effectively work for some people, others find it nearly impossible to get rid of stubborn fat deposits in their abdominal area no matter what they do.

If you have been unable to get six-pack abs through diet and exercise regimens, perhaps it’s time that you contact the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Clinic of Walnut Creek today. During a consultation, Dr. William Jervis will discuss the specifics about each procedure to help you determine if you are a good candidate for body contouring. Please call (925) 937-7100 or conveniently fill out our online contact form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

To our Patients

On 3/13/18 Dr. Jervis passed away. The family is working to transition the practice and resolve outstanding issues for all his beloved patients. Thank you, the Jervis family.

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