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Someone who has stretched, damaged, or torn earlobes may not be confident about how they look and may find it difficult to wear earrings. The earlobes can be rejuvenated through earlobe repair surgery. Many people feel their damaged earlobes negatively affect their career and ability to advance in the workforce. The goal of earlobe repair surgery is to form the ears back into their natural shape so they appear younger and so a person has the ability to wear earrings again.

The Cause of Earlobe Damage

Many younger people may find themselves seeking surgery due to trends that went out of style, such as gauged ear piercings. Others have noticed that time and aging have caused their earlobes to droop and sag. Patients who have a history of wearing heavy earrings often develop stretched earlobes. Injuries caused by earrings torn through the lobes or other trauma can leave an unflattering earlobe deformity.

Before and After Earlobe RepairRepairing the Earlobes

Earlobe repair surgery is a simple procedure that can be performed in a half hour to one and a half hours. Dr. Jervis will approach earlobe repair based on the individual patient’s anatomy and goals. Typically, he will sew the edges of the damaged or torn earlobes together. To correct earlobes that are large and out of proportion, he can perform an earlobe lift to help create a more youthful appearance. Keloid scars caused by a previous ear piercing can also be addressed during earlobe correction.

Patients who desire their ears to be repierced will need to wait several months following surgery. During follow-up appointments, Dr. Jervis will determine whether the earlobes are fully healed and if they are ready to be pierced again.

Recovery is short. Some patients may experience discomfort at the surgical site that can be controlled with pain medication. Until the earlobes are fully healed, patients should avoid any activities that may involve trauma to the ears.

Patients can achieve earlobes that look more normal and younger after earlobe repair surgery. They can have the large deformity caused by large holes left from gauging the earlobes corrected. Some patients decide to combine otoplasty (setting back prominent ears) with their earlobe reduction for total ear rejuvenation.

If you are frustrated by earlobes that are stretched or damaged, contact Dr. Jervis to learn more about earlobe repair surgery. Schedule your consultation by calling (925) 937-7100 or by filling out our online contact form.

To our Patients

On 3/13/18 Dr. Jervis passed away. The family is working to transition the practice and resolve outstanding issues for all his beloved patients. Thank you, the Jervis family.

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