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Pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, natural aging, gravity, and genetics can all have unfavorable effects on the breasts. The skin often becomes stretched, and the tissues begin to sag. The nipples and areolas may fall below the breast crease, and the skin of the areolas may become stretched and enlarged. Many women are embarrassed about their breasts once they begin sagging, but increasing numbers of women are discovering the benefits of breast lift surgery for correcting this sagging and improving the appearance of their breasts.

Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery raises the breasts to a more youthful position on the chest and creates a more attractive breast shape by removing excess skin and tightening the tissues. The areolas may be reduced, and the nipples and areolas can be moved to a higher location on the breasts, if necessary. This procedure rejuvenates the female shape and often greatly improves the confidence of the patient. Breast lift surgery is growing in popularity so much that the frequency of breast lifts rose 70 percent between 2000 and 2013, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This is twice the rate of increase seen in breast augmentation surgery, although breast augmentation remains the most popular cosmetic surgery in the country.

Breast Size

It is important to realize, however, that breast lift surgery will reduce the size of the breasts as tissue is removed. Breast augmentation with implants can be combined with a breast lift in order to achieve fuller and more uplifted breasts with improved shape.

Be sure to check out our breast lift before and after photo gallery and see the type of results breast lift surgery and breast lift surgery with breast augmentation can achieve.

If you are interested in rejuvenating your appearance through breast lift surgery, please call (925) 937-7100 or conveniently fill out our online contact form to schedule your consultation. Dr. William Jervis is a board-certified plastic surgeon and looks forward to helping enhance your figure and confidence!

To our Patients

On 3/13/18 Dr. Jervis passed away. The family is working to transition the practice and resolve outstanding issues for all his beloved patients. Thank you, the Jervis family.

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